Treasures Can Be Found In the Most Unlikely Places!

Treasures can be found in the most unlikely places.

In order for diamonds to form, they require extremely high pressures and temperatures which are only found in deep levels of the earth. Just like a person that has been through many trials and tribulations — they may have residue of dirt and grime left over from life’s choices and or decisions. Some residue may not be due to any fault of their own. True that they won’t be as neat and well put together as a cubic zirconia because cubics are fake and take very little work at all. Diamonds, on the other hand, are worth more in value and will require hard work and effort to get them to their true brilliance.

Their beginning of the uncovering/healing process of becoming whole won’t be a pretty one. But once that process is over they will be overwhelmingly beautiful, inside and out.
Never initially look at the surface of a person and write them off as worthless or unworthy of any value. Because after the dirt and the grime of this life fall off– that person may be more valuable than any monetary item that you could ever possess.

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