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SOME Men Don’t Like Women

SOME Men Don’t Like Women

Some men don’t like women! With the recent domestic violence cases that have plagued our black community there is a need to discuss certain issues. I know for a fact that it has always been an issue in our communities however now since the rich and famous are being recorded it appears to be coming out in the public view.

So this writing is called:

“SOME Men don’t like Women”

First off I will start by saying, I love the very essence of the black man.

Their intellectual and passion driven minds. The strength in their lips, arms and chest. And we mustn’t forget their smooth, dark complexions that appear as if it would melt in your mouth if allowed.

Many days I have to pray away my sometimes addictive nature toward the love that I have for the black man. So trust me, ladies, I can relate to the urges that cause every muscle in your body to ache for the touch of their strong and secure hands. So yes I can relate all too well.

But now ladies, I must warn you that some of these men don’t feel that same love that we feel for them. Some of these men don’t like women. Now, stay with me it is deeper than it sounds.

Perhaps his mother or an authoritative figure inflicted sexual abuse on him?

Maybe his mother chose crack cocaine instead of being a stable, loving mother?

Maybe his father figure was too passive?

Or perhaps his first love broke his heart by sleeping with his best friend?

Whatever pain that a woman inflicted on him—if he is still holding on to that pain he cannot and will not love ANY woman correctly.

Traits of men that don’t like women:

He will have many short lived relationships or never married, jealousy, possessiveness, trust issues, insecurities, and abuse— verbal and physical. Just to name a few.

Now there is always hope for men like these. It is called forgiveness.

If he is willing to truly forgive whoever wronged and hurt him; he is willing to make a change for the better—he too can be forgiven!

Then maybe one day with prayer, repentance, forgiveness, acceptance and the love and support of loved ones he may be able to give and receive healthy love towards women.

But until this happens you cannot attempt to be in a relationship with a man like this!

Because it could prove to be DEADLY!

With Love

Marion T. Wallace

Marion Wallace

Marion Wallace (formerly Myers) is a transparent and powerful author who uses her pen to share her experiences and testimonies for the purpose of empowering others through imparting hope. A significant part of Marion’s forthcoming work will be testimonials, that reveal the power and ability of healing one’s emotional, spiritual and mental well-being through a direct and well-established relationship with God. She focuses on teaching the importance of adequate bible study, forgiveness and self-discovery. She is sure to point out how self-discovery helps to solve the identity crisis that many people suffer throughout life. Her primary audience is made up of the young women who are growing up in the inner-city communities (ghettos) across the country. Most of the young ladies that Marion has devoted her life to helping are facing what they believe to be impossible odds. Many of them have given up on life, but Marion introduces them to a new a better way. She teaches them that nothing is impossible when they are aligned with God’s purpose for their lives. She ensures them that it is never too late to change, to recover, to rejuvenate and refocus. She marches into battle as a conqueror — teaching others how to be conquerors.

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