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8 Warning Signs That You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

Need A Break? 8 Warning Signs That You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

8 Warning Signs That You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted
Mental and Emotional Exhaustion

Sometimes life starts to spin out of control and it’s tough for us to keep up. Things that once seemed insignificant are suddenly annoying and we find ourselves snapping at others even when they’ve done nothing wrong. This may be a result of mental and emotional exhaustion, and identifying the key warning signs may help you decide if you need to stop, rest, and recharge.

Keep reading to find out if you’re suffering from a burnout!

1. You Lack Motivation

You’re finding it more and more difficult to get any work done. Simple tasks suddenly seem like major projects and you lack the creativity and thought process to successfully complete anything. The job you once found stimulating now feels like a chore.

It’s time to rest and let the ideas come back to you. Try not to push yourself too hard to improve productivity. Inspiration will hit you when you least expect it!

2. You’re Easily Irritated

You may be starting to feel hopeless, so any small comment or question can easily irritate you. You would rather avoid contact with the outside world.

If possible, take a couple days off to spend time alone. A few days away from other people might be exactly what you need to recharge.

3. You Can’t Sleep

If your thoughts are keeping you awake at night, then it’s definitely time for a break. Lack of sleep can make your days feel worse and worse. Try taking a weekend trip away to get away from the environment that makes you feel so restless.

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4. You’re Having Anxiety Attacks

If you’re having trouble sleeping and feeling more and more irritable and overwhelmed, then it’s no surprise that you may be experiencing anxiety attacks.

Don’t feel ashamed of being so stressed. Do something you enjoy alone to help you stay calm.

5. Small Things Upset You

You may be experiencing an increased sensitivity, so harmless comments or constructive criticism may upset you. If you find yourself tearing up over these kinds of comments, then it’s time for a break.

6. You Feel An Urge To Cry

If you’re struggling with day-to-day activities because of stress or anxiety, then you may be in a hypersensitive state. Living each day on the verge of tears means your emotions have reached their peak, and you need to remove yourself from the situations causing you stress so that you can take control of yourself again.

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7. You Feel Dizzy And Nauseous

One of the biggest red flags concerning mental exhaustion is dizziness and nauseousness. Breakdowns and exhaustion take a toll on your body and mind, so it’s natural that your body is having trouble. This shouldn’t be ignored, so get the rest and relaxation you need to get your body back to a normal state.

8. You Feel Detached

If you feel that you’ve gone numb or senseless to the world around you, then it’s absolutely time for a break. You can overcome anything that’s thrown at you, even this. Take some time for yourself to rejuvenate.

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