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I Can Do It!

I Can Do It ~ The Mantra of Greatness!

I Can Do it

I Can Do It! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to remind myself of this very fact. Life has a way of interrupting your plans and interpolating doubt. I want to take a brief moment to share something with you that will hopefully inspire, encourage, and empower you to move on to the next level.

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I always say that we don’t get what we want; we get who we are—what we can become. So, life is about becoming a new version of ourselves, so we can have the things we desire. This message is about birthing the new you.

Let Go Of the Past

One of the greatest challenges you will face when trying to become something different is the urge to hold on to who and what you used to be. It is what you know. You can never write a new narrative for your future by consulting your past. Many people get stuck because they won’t let go of yesterday. How often have you heard someone say, “I’ve always been this way, or This is just who I am?”

The truth is that we choose who and what we are. Every day we wake up and decide to stay where we are or make changes. Your past is a representation of experiences meant to prepare you for your future, not indicative of its possibilities. Don’t allow your past to frame your future with limitations based on linear reminders of past experiences.

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It’s Your Path Alone

The doorway to your destiny is meant for you to walk through, and you alone! A gargantuan mistake people make is attempting to squeeze everyone in their periphery through the opening that destiny has created for them. The path you are traveling will have many tiny openings designed for only you to walk through. Attempting to bring everyone along with you creates a bottlenecking effect that stifles your growth and immobilizes your progress. This idea does not infer that you should leave your loved ones behind. It means you will have to return and get them when you are strong enough to carry them. We reside in a culture where people are praised for shouldering the burdens of the many to their own detriment. I had to learn that I was no good to anyone if I allowed myself to be crushed under the weight of everyone’s problems and expectations. Free yourself from false loyalty to become an unstoppable force instead of a cautionary tale.

Your Conviction Must Overrule Your Desire for Comfort

Comfort is the enemy of progress. When people hear me say that, they postulate that I am suggesting they seek pain and frustration at every turn. True peace comes through confidence in oneself to conquer every challenge, not in the absence of challenges. When I say your conviction must overrule your desire for comfort and convenience, I am highlighting the fact that everything worth having in this world is on the other side of a challenge.

Your conviction to take action will have to be greater than your need for comfort and safety. When you strive to reach for something you have never done, you will find that your spirit and brain are constantly at war. This battle is because the spirit and the brain serve distinct roles in your life. The brain keeps score of everything that has ever happened in your life and uses the collective recollection of your experiences to make decisions that will keep you safe. The brain’s primary function is to keep you safe (alive). When the brain encounters stimuli that correspond with past experiences that produced adverse outcomes, it will trigger the stress response—prompting you to avoid the situation. The brain doesn’t consider any opportunities lost in the process; it only wants to avoid the possibility of further pain.

Conversely, your spirit does not keep score. It is your divine energy source—your direct link to God, The Most High. Instead of consulting the past for permission to take action, your spirit says, let’s soar. Every time you approach the cliff’s edge, your brain will tell you to step back, but your spirit will challenge you to take flight. The people who get on in this world are those willing to risk falling to soar—those who leap when others retreat. Your spirit isn’t keeping score; it simply wants to know what is the assignment for today. Your spirit is the essence of and most extraordinary mechanism of faith—it already knows you can fly.

If you are honest with yourself, your greatest fear isn’t falling or even dying. Your greatest fear is never taking flight—leaving this world without leaving your imprint—the stamp of your greatness. Come out of that corner of comfort to seize your destiny.

Own Your Brilliance While Acknowledging Your Imperfections

I never allow people to use me as an excuse. People often say, “that is easy for you, Dr. Wallace, because… (insert any of my accomplishments or perceptions about my gifts and talents). I usually tell them that I am not extraordinary in comparison to them. What makes me appear extraordinary is I wake up every morning and choose to do something extraordinary—something beyond average. I am not diminishing my brilliance; I am acknowledging the brilliance we all possess. I make a daily decision to use my gifting and talents to touch the untouchable without consulting my fears or doubts. My humanity (imperfections) ensures that I stumble along the way, but my audacity demands I experience the phenomenon of an extraordinary existence.

Finally, I want to challenge you to stop checking the room for permission to be great. Let your light shine, and if it blinds the people in the room, they will either adjust or put on shades. Stop shrinking to make others comfortable. It is unfair to you and offensive to the Creator. You were not designed to play small. Square your shoulders and cast your gaze down the path of your destiny. Now walk it out with boldness! You are built for this!

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Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Dr. Wallace has authored and published 25 books, including his latest work, The War on Black Wealth, Academic Apartheid, Critical Mass: The Phenomenon of Next-Level Living, Born in Captivity: Psychopathology as a Legacy of Slavery,” The Undoing of the African American Mind, and “The Mis-education of Black Youth in America.” He has written and published thousands of scholarly and prose articles and papers, with the overwhelming majority of his work surrounding the enigmatic issues plaguing blacks on every level. Papers that he has published include: “Special Education as the Mechanism for the Mis-education of African Youth,” “Racial Trauma & African Americans,” “Epigenetics in Psychology: The Genetic Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in African Americans,” and “Collective Cognitive-Bias Reality Syndrome” — to name a few. Dr. Wallace is also a powerful and electrifying public speaker who speaks to various types and sizes of audiences on several subjects. He also functions as a personal life enhancement advisor and counselor. As the Founder and CEO of The Visionetics Institute, Dr. Wallace uses a wide range of disciplines, including psycho-cybernetics, neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, neuro-associative conditioning, embodied cognitive conditioning, and transformational vocabulary to help people raise the level of their performance in every area of their lives, including finance, marriage, business, parenting and more.

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