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Love Is Not Just A Feeling

Love Is Not Just A Feeling
As I scrolled down my timeline on today I saw a question being asked and that question was, “what is your definition of love?”
I initially responded, Love is a choice to be there through good and bad times. It is not just a feeling it is a choice. Feelings may fade but true love is everlasting.
He responded, Interesting! Marion, are you telling me that when you are in love you don’t feel it?
I then responded, I feel love within me and all around me so yes I feel when I am in love with someone. But what if my love interest does something that is unbecoming of himself towards me? If he does, then I still have to be willing to be there – actively involved in the relationship even though I may not like him at the moment. I can’t give up on our commitment because I am not feeling him presently.
See most people think that because their feelings change then they are no longer in love. This is not always true. It just means that our human psyche is allowed to go through many different feelings and emotions in one day but it shouldn’t shake us one way or another.
Example, if someone upsets me to a point of anger and I feel like hitting them. Yet, I don’t because I realize that particular feeling will pass although my action won’t. Love is action and it is ever growing and ever consuming. If we wait out the hard times, that “feeling” of love will return even stronger than ever!
All love
Marion T. Wallace

Marion Wallace

Marion Wallace (formerly Myers) is a transparent and powerful author who uses her pen to share her experiences and testimonies for the purpose of empowering others through imparting hope. A significant part of Marion’s forthcoming work will be testimonials, that reveal the power and ability of healing one’s emotional, spiritual and mental well-being through a direct and well-established relationship with God. She focuses on teaching the importance of adequate bible study, forgiveness and self-discovery. She is sure to point out how self-discovery helps to solve the identity crisis that many people suffer throughout life. Her primary audience is made up of the young women who are growing up in the inner-city communities (ghettos) across the country. Most of the young ladies that Marion has devoted her life to helping are facing what they believe to be impossible odds. Many of them have given up on life, but Marion introduces them to a new a better way. She teaches them that nothing is impossible when they are aligned with God’s purpose for their lives. She ensures them that it is never too late to change, to recover, to rejuvenate and refocus. She marches into battle as a conqueror — teaching others how to be conquerors.

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